Lads a bunchum - The Gosfield Reimagining!

Remember each figure or bit lasts 8 bars (8 x one, two, three-ee)

Walk on and collect sticks

As music starts, walk in circle singing ‘oh dear mother..’, finish standing opposite partner and jump and clash sticks as the song finishes actually ON the ‘been’ (…what a fool I’ve BEEN)

Immediately turn outwards (Max’s side (odds) turn to left, Chris’ side (evens) turn to right) 90 degrees for the first pair of ‘one, two, three-ee’, a further 90 degrees for the second ‘one, two, three-ee’, another 90 degrees for the third, and the fourth, which brings you back facing your partner for the first sticking.

Until we develop the sticking to be a bit more ambitious it simply starts with odds (Max’s side) taking one step toward evens (Chris’ side) and odds striking evens (sticks not people!) in time to ‘one,two,three-ee’, then odds step back, evens step forward and repeat the sticking, but with evens striking odds. This is repeated so that each side has struck 4 times each.

The doesy-doh bit. Right shoulders pass the first time, left shoulders the second. As there are 4 bars for each doesy-doh, the first ‘one, two, three-ee’ should be with shoulder to shoulder, the second, back to back, the third shoulder to shoulder on the return and the fourth back to facing each other.

Sticking again.

The hands around. First spin is right hands holding, turning clockwise. The second is left hands holding turning anti-clockwise. Once again, 4 bars for each turn, so positions should be based on the doesy-doh – ie first bar a quarter turn, 2nd bar another quarter turn etc.


Tops down. Max and Chris (the top end) step towards each other on the first ‘one, two, three-ee’, on the second they turn to face the rest of the dancers (who remain standing still), on the third they step forward and on the fourth they step back, still facing the rest of the side. On the fifth ‘one, two, three-ee’, the pair next to Max and Chris start the same sequence, and Max and Chris follow them. As sticking follows immediately the transition from facing the rest of the side to sticking is done in one swift, fluid and graceful movement(!). This is tricky.


Bottoms up. Is basically the same as tops down, but done from the other end of the line up.


Adderbury hey. Most sides do this as each line weaving in and out. We seem to have some difficulty getting this to work – not helped as it is quite different doing it as a group of 6 dancers or as a group of 8. What we tried last was just each line walking (in ‘one,two, three-ees) in an ellipse. Basically that gives us 8 steps and a reasonable chance to end up where we started.


To end walk in a circle towards Max and return sticks then leave in a dignified manner.


THE END (hooray!!)