LDF Allocations Update

The main focus of the public session at the Parish Council meeting held on the 21st of January was a discussion around proposals for two amendments to the "village envelope". These amendments, requested by local landowners as part of the Braintree District Council Local Development Framework (LDF) consultation, would identify areas of land in the village as suitable for potential housing development.

In late 2011 the Parish Council engaged in a formal consultation with Braintree District Council as part of their development of the Local Development Framework. This is the planning strategy which identifies, among other things, potential sites for housing development in the district. The Parish Council did not identify any areas of potential housing development as part of this process. The outcome of the LDF consultation will be a planning strategy valid until 2026 and the consultation period ends on the 22nd of Febuary this year.

At the end of their discussions with Parishes BDC opened up the consultation to other interested parties. As part of this wider consultation two proposals have been put forward by land owners in the village to amend the original allocations and open up the opportunity to build in two locations.

The first proposal concerns the south east corner of the field north of Meadway. The land is owned by a trust represented at the meeting by Mr Toby Backhouse. The proposal indicates a wish to build 12 detached houses and proposes significant planning gains to the village including the possibility of gifting the Spinney to the village and entering into a covenant precluding further development on the remainder of the Trusts land. Mr Backhouse has set up a web site detailing the Trust's proposals in detail at: -


This location was the subject of a previous proposal to amend the village envelope and discussed at the Parish Council meeting in February 2012 (minutes here). At that time the Parish Council  elected to make no further comments to those previously stated during the consultation with BDC and agreed we did not want the village envelope enlarged for the purpose of residential development. The matter will be voted on again, based on the revised proposals, at the meeting on the 18th of February 2013.

The second concerns land to the south of the Limes on the western side of the Street. The landowners, Mr Roger Turpin and Mr Tony Smith, were represented at the meeting by Mr John McLarty of Strutt and Parker LLP. Whilst this proposal is at an earlier stage of development there is suggestion that the development could be affordable accommodation for the elderly. Mr McLarty has produced a vision statement and site context plan, a composite of which can be viewed here. Again this will be considered at the next Parish Council meeting on the 18th of February.

At the January meeting there was some suggestion that the Parish Council should arrange a public meeting to discuss the proposals. The council has elected not to hold a public meeting however, preferring to offer the potential developers the opportunity to arrange a public consultation should they wish to do so. The councillors would be happy to attend a public meeting were one called to listen to the views of the parishioners and take part as parishioners themselves. However the Parish Council are very keen to hear the views of the community on these matters. Please take the opportunity to make your views known either :-

  • During the public session of the Parish Council meeting on the 18th of February in the Bernard Brooks room at the Maurice Rowson Hall, 7:15pm.
  • On this site at the community forum, Have Your Say.
  • By email  to Joanne Beavis, Clerk to the Council at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • In writing to Joanne Beavis at Gosfield Parish Council. Easter Cottage, Park Hall Road, Gosfield, C09 1SQ.
  • If you'd like to contact the Clerk or Parish Councillors details are here or in the Grapevine.

Further information is available at the following sites :-

Braintree District Council LDF page - http://www.planvu.co.uk/bdc/plan_index.htm

LDF Definition can be found here :- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Local_development_framework