Minutes of Gosfield Parish Council Meeting held on Monday 20th November 2017 at 7.15pm.

The Playing Field Pavilion, Church Road, Gosfield.         Draft minutes.

Present.  Cllrs.  Mandy Adams.  Tricia Edwards (Vice Chairman).  Laurence Carter.  Isla Gill.  Carol Hough.  Thea Maragkakis.  Maggie Pawsey.  Tony Strudwick.  Bob Waters (Chairman).  Joanne Beavis (County Councillor) Clerk to the Parish Council.  Together with 10 members of the public.

17/181  Apologies for absence were received from District Councillor John O’Reilly-Cicconi.

17/182  Councillors declared the following interests.  Cllr. Pawsey – Non Pecuniary Interest in planning no:  17/00610/OUT – Land off the Limes.  Pecuniary Interest in planning no:  17/01898/FUL and 17/01899/LBC – the Green Man conversion of outbuilding (Cllr. Pawsey left the meeting when this item was taken).  Cllr. Carter – Non Pecuniary Interest in planning no:  17/00610/OUT – Land off the Limes due to an interest in the allotments. Cllr. Waters – Pecuniary Interest in planning no’s:  17/01067/OUT and 17/01066 – Land of Hedingham Road (Cllr. Waters left the room when this item was taken).

17/183  A resident asked if it would be possible for the Parish Council to consider a mobile phone mast in the location of Gosfield Lake Park Homes.  The resident indicated that possibly St. Catherine’s Church would be a good location for the mast to be installed which would give additional connectivity to local residents.  The resident said that the mast would also give a better reception for electricity Smart Meters to work.  Cllr. Maragkakis said that she would look at the issue and put it on to the next agenda of the Parish Council when it met in December.  TM.

The applicant from Canberra Cottage, Hedingham Road spoke on the merits of his planning forthcoming planning application to build 2 new homes in the garden of his existing dwelling house. 

A resident reported that the solar streetlight at the bottom of Hall Drive was not working and would require some attention.  The Chairman said that an item was the agenda to consider streetlights following the latest gathering of the Light Brigade Group.  Cllr. Edwards said that she had reported the solar streetlight as not working to A J Lighting Limited who had installed the streetlight.

17/184  a).  An amendment was made to minute number 17/180 of the October minutes changing the correct date of the Christmas Gathering from 14th November to the 14th December.  With the amendment agreed the minutes were unanimously approved.  b).  Under matters arising from the minutes it was noted that the Speed Indication Device has been installed.  The Chairman thanked those who took part in making the project so successful and in particular the village Community Speedwatch Group.   The Clerk reported that she was trying to establish the ownership of the green corner pieces at Meadway and would report back with additional information when it became available.   JB.

17/185  a).  The accounts for payment were approved.  Cllr. Strudwick abstained from approving the accounts for payment.  b).  The petty cash payments were unanimously approved.



17/186  The Parish Council made “no comment” on the following Planning Numbers:

Planning no:  17/01889/FUL.  15 Petersfield Lane.  Increase size of the dormer window.

Planning no:  17/00367/TPOCON.  Rosemary Cottage, Church Road.  Tree works.

Planning no:  17/01911/FUL.  Magnolia Stud.  Retention of timber clad building.


The Parish Council agreed “Approve, subject to historic buildings control” Planning no:  17/01898/FUL and 17/01899/LBC – Green Man.  Conversion of outbuildings to create 5 new individual guest house suites.

The Parish Council agreed “Support the application due to a dwelling house already being built on the site”.  The application no:  17/02854/FUL was proposed by Cllr. Gill and seconded by Cllr. Adams and supported by Cllrs. Hough and Maragkakis.  Cllr. Waters, Strudwick and Edwards voted against the application and Cllrs. Carter and Pawsey abstained.  The proposal was carried.

The Parish Council agreed to accept planning no:  17/00337/TPO 4 De Vere Place and this motion was carried.  Cllrs. Strudwick and Hough voted against the application.

The Parish Council agreed “Refuse the application” on planning no:  17/00349/TPO 6 De Vere Place – tree works.  Cllrs:  Gill, Adams, Carter and Maragkakis abstained from voting.  The proposal was carried.

Planning number:  17/01067/OUT land off Hedingham road, 35 new dwelling houses, access from Hedingham Road and 17/01066/OUT land off Hedingham road, 35 new dwelling houses, access from Meadway. The Parish Council noted that both applications had previously come in front of the Parish Council where no comments were previously made.  Since the District Council was due to consider the applications at its forthcoming Planning Committee the Parish Council agreed that the Chairman of the Parish Council should attend the meeting and speak on behalf of the Parish Council.  It was agreed, due to the fact that the Chairman had left the meeting, that Cllr. Strudwick would write the words on behalf of the Parish Council for the Parish Council Chairman to present. 

Planning number:  17/00610/OUT.  Land at the Limes.  It was noted that the Parish Council had previously agreed to refuse the planning application for 19 new dwelling homes.  It was agreed that the Chairman would attend the District Council Planning Committee and speak on behalf of the Parish Council. 

Planning number:  17/01863/FUL.  Tennis Club, Braintree Road – new floodlighting.  The Parish Council noted that the application had been withdrawn.

17/187  The Parish Council agreed to the transfer of land north of Meadway, Gosfield to the ownership of the Parish Council without prejudice.  The Parish Council felt that the proposal should form part of the S106 planning agreement at Meadway and asked the Clerk to write to the land agent and convey the Parish Council’s view.  The item was proposed by Cllr. Carter and seconded by Cllr. Edwards and carried by a unanimous show of hands.


17/188  The Parish Council agreed to order 4 x 1m lengths of plastic wood to complete the ongoing works at the Gosfield Nature Reserve.

17/189  The Chairman reported that he had painted the streetlight numbers on the streetlights posts and confirmed that the number of streetlights in the village was in fact 77.  The Chairman and Vice Chairman agreed to produce a new map indicating the location of all the streetlights and to produce a list, in association with A J Lighting, that confirmed that the Parish Council and A J Lighting were working from the same list.  Once the list could be confirmed by both parties the Parish Council agreed that adjustments would be made to turn on additional streetlights in accordance with the latest findings of the Light Brigade Committee.    BW and TE.

17/190  The Parish Council agreed to purchase a new Copper Beach tree for the top of the Playing Field from King’s of Rayne.  The cost of the tree was approximately £75.00 The Clerk reported that the advice from King’s of Rayne was to ensure that the tree was watered well.  The Chairman agreed to contact Stephen Westover and arrange a convenient date for the tree to be planted in order that the Clerk could order the tree in good time for planting.  BW and JB.

17/191  The Parish Council agreed to purchase a new litter bin for the Skate Ramp Park from Glasdons Limited at a cost of £156.91 plus v.a.t.    JB.

17/192  Councillor Carter raised the issue of “constructive criticism and how the Parish Council should deal with it”.  He said that it was a bit sad that someone had to write a letter but nonetheless the Parish Council should acknowledge complaints and place items of complaint on to the Parish Council agenda.  He said that a case-in-point was highways issues which has recently been reported in the Grapevine Magazine.  He said that an item regarding highways should be place as an agenda item on the Parish Council agenda.  JB.

17/193  Councillor Pawsey reported that she and Councillor Hough had attended the Essex Association of Local Council’s Highways training.  She reported that there was a good attendance at the meeting and that the Essex County Council Highways Team attended.  She reported that smart technology, such as Twitter, was providing a good avenue for better communications on highways issues particularly on issues such as alerts on gritting roads and bus time tables.  She reported that the Essex budget was £60 million for Highways in terms of capital and revenue projects but the money was stretched across 150 thousand homes in Essex.

17/194  The Clerk distributed the correspondence to Councillor Pawsey for reading and circulation to all members of the Parish Council.

17/195  Councillor Adams reported that the Gosfield in Bloom group would form and meet in the New Year.  Councillor Gill reported that the December 14th Christmas gathering was being well received and supported and that leaflets, about the event, would be hand delivered to all residents in the village and an article about the event would appear in the Grapevine Magazine.  Councillor Maragkakis reported that her ideas of a village “drop of



your vegetables” and “an integrated books into the village” could be worked up and that she was happy to discuss further with any interested residents in the village.  MA and IG and TM.










Chairman of the Parish Council.




Joanne Beavis.  Clerk to Gosfield Parish Council.  Easter Cottage.  Park Hall Road.  Gosfield.  Essex.  C09 1SQ.  Tel:  01371 850710.  Email:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it