Gosfield Playing Field

We are lucky to have a fine playing field in the village with football and cricket pitches actively used, a popular childrens play area and a pavilion used for meetings and community events.

The Parish Council launched an appeal to buy the Playing Field in 1949 purchasing it in 1950. It was already being used as a Playing Field but the future of Gosfield Hall estate was in doubt then and it was feared the land might pass into the hands of a developer. So the Parish Council launched an appeal for money to buy it and by 1949 had £209 in hand. The Trustees of the Estate headed by Commander Lowe agreed to sell for £250. (This was considered too much, but Commander Lowe said he was bound by the Trust to get the best price). There were considerable costs on top of the £250 for lawyers fees, fencing provision of a pavilion etc so the Parish Council applied for grants, and obtained them from the Ministry of Education. They were as follows.-

£160 towards the cost of purchase and fees

£500 towards laying tennis courts, cricket square and football pitch (The Tennis courts were never built

£120 towards a wooden shed (pavilion)

£60 toward cost of mower

£120 towards cost of fencing and entrance.

In June 1950, the PC became official owners of the field and in October, the Parish Council set up a Playing Field Management Committee to manage the Field on their behalf and this arrangement persists to this day. The Parish Council is represented on the PFMC by Councillors Strudwick, Hough and Pawsey.