What the Parish Council does


The Parish Council owns the Nature Reserve and the Playing Field. The task of running the latter is devolved to the Playing Field Management Committee which is responsible to the Parish Council. A small percentage of the Council Tax is given to the Parish Council by the District Council to run the following:- Street Lighting, maintenance of footpaths and bridleways, the cutting of grass on the small areas owned by the Council (mainly the greenswards outside the Playing Field and opposite the Old Post office.)

The Parish Council relies on members of the public to provide information about street lamps which are not working, footpaths which are obstructed or any other information which helps to improve the quality of life in the Village. Please contact the Parish Clerk Joanne Beavis on email   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or by phone on 01371 850710.


The Council sees all planning application initially and has the right to comment on them, but the final decision is always taken by the District Council.

The centre of the Village and along Church Road to the Church is a Conservation Area. Within the Conservation Area, special rules apply to Planning Applications so it is worthwhile consulting a Parish Councillor if your property is within that area. Similarly, all trees over 6 inches in diameter within the Conservation Area are protected and an application has to be made for felling or any remedial work. Even outside the Conservation Area, certain mature trees are protected so it is worthwhile seeking advice before doing any work on them.