The Gosfield Parish Plan 2011 - 2021.


Welcome to the online edition of the Parish Plan!

Households in Gosfield should be receiving a paper copy of the plan through their letterboxes, if they haven't already! However the plan is an organic process and will be updated over the years, particularly the action plans. The online edition gives the Parish Council a flexible platform to communicate those updates to the village.

Why have a Parish Plan

In 2008 a group got together with the desired aim to improve the quality of life in the Parish. Traffic had been recognised as an issue among other things. It was becoming evident that unless a plan was in place and that plan was the result of widespread local consultation there was little chance of action being taken to improvement, never mind attracting funding.

A responsible Parish Council needs to listen to the people it represents and to plan for the future. Following public drop in events and many meetings, out came the Big Questionnaire and after a process of analysis – here is the Plan.

This breaks down into six topics:
1. Housing & Planning
2 .Community, Safety & Crime Prevention
3. Leisure & Recreation
4. Transport
5. Services
6. Village  environment

In addition, business and youth questionnaires were sent out.

Our Parish Plan

It takes a look at Gosfield Parish as it is now and some of its history.

Summarised are some of the more important issues raised by the results of the questionnaire and it looks at how some of these issues can be readdressed, both by the Parish Council and the residents themselves. Most importantly there is an Action Plan, which assesses how and when action will be taken. This action plan is intended to cover ten years, but will be reviewed annually and undergo a thorough review after five years.
The plan will be placed with relevant departments in local Authorities and will be made available to any other agencies on request [for example funding agencies]  

In addition there will be a second part to the plan, a Village Design Statement, This will examine the built and natural environment more closely and prepare the way for dealing with proposals for future development in the Parish.When adopted by Braintree District Council as the Planning Authority, it can be used as a supplementary planning tool.