The results of the survey

There were 27 replies, out of 68, to the survey. Most of the businesses were small, 13 employing no one but themselves. Altogether 254 people were employed in businesses responding, 171 full time and 83 part time.

Most of the businesses were well established. 18 [66%] had been in existence for more than 10 years and only 1 for less than a year . 11 operated from a house. Only two respondents were actively seeking additional premises in order to expand. Most thought they would employ the same number of staff next year and a large majority thought that being in Gosfield was good for  business.

To the question as to where there employers lived.

17% lived in Gosfield,
19% in Halstead,
20% in Braintree
18% within 10 miles and
6% more than 5 miles away.

25% of employees were classified as Professional/ Managerial,
5% as technical,
7% as clerical/administrative,
19% as skilled manual and
44% as unskilled.

Most were happy with the electronic communications relating to their business but 3 replies out of the 27 thought that poor broadband connections were detrimental to their business.

Parish Council Aims;

  • Improvements to mobile phone reception
  • Improvements to broadband service