Community Safety and Crime Prevention


573 out of 610 [93.9%] said they would support the Neighbourhood watch scheme [Q19] which fits with question 20 - "There is a strong sense of community spirit in Gosfield" (514 agree, 73 disagree and 41 no opinion).

All through the process of the parish plan the biggest single issue that keeps coming up is road safety,

The results should be looked at as a whole , while 579 respondents 92% thought speeding traffic is a problem [Q23] and 88% felt a Zebra crossing would improve road safety. With 363 [57%] feeling there are major danger spots on roads in Gosfield, the vast majority along The Street.

Highlighted danger spots

Bridge Braintree Road 20
Church 15
Church Road 22
Green Man 20
Halstead Road 23
Hall Drive 11
Primary School 32
Junction The Street / Chruch Road 33
The Street 99

Various other locations got mentioned but they were in single figures.

75% considered lorry traffic a problem in Gosfield [Q26]

85% felt speed enforcement measures are required in Gosfield [Q27]

Q 28/29 on Policing make interesting reading with 1/3 satisfied 1/3 unsatisfied and 1/3 no opinion

70% considered street lighting in Gosfield to be sufficient. [Q30]

68% thought the footpath from Braintree Road to the village needs improving. with 4.5% disagreeing and 26.5% with no opinion [Q31]

Q32 419 respondents considered there to be a problem with overhanging hedges onto footpaths

Q33 81% were concerned about road maintenance in the village

The issues raised

  • Neighbourhood Watch had very strong support from the survey and while many have a good relationship with their neighbours its never a bad thing to encourage more.
  • Road safety is the biggest single issue raised in this survey and it is considered that a multi point approach as the best way forward. The idea of a zebra crossing was well supported along with some form of speed enforcement.
  • The need to improve the footpath from Braintree road.
  • Whilst writing this plan changes are underway to salt distribution in Essex, but it is viewed as essential.
  • The organisation of a community speed-watch scheme is underway and hopefully this will be well supported and attract funding.
  • Lorry traffic was raised as an issue and the Parish Council should keep this in mind when considering future planning applications and long term support alternative routes for trunk traffic.
  • A surprisingly mixed opinion on policing in Gosfield.

What next?

Parish Council Aims;

  • To support the campaign for a road crossing
  • Support footpath improvements from Braintree Road
  • Parish Council and Road safety campaign to investigate “danger spots” with a view to improvement
  • Monitor closely road maintenance and report potholes immediately, organize grit bins/distribute salt efficiently.
  • Keep parishioners aware of their responsibility not to have hedges overhanging public paths & highways.
  • Be aware of the problem with lorry movements when considering future policy for the village
  • Support the re-launch of neighbourhood watch
  • Support the community speed-watch

What could you do?

  • Volunteer for the Neighbourhood Watch Scheme
  • Keep hedges trimmed back to your boundary
  • Join the road safety campaign
  • Volunteer for the community speed-watch