Leisure and Recreation

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Analyzing the results showed residents were content with the present facilities to a high degree but also welcoming to new facilities , youth club 60% [Q41] allotments 52% [Q43] Orchard 60% [Q44]
627 out of 643 residents [97.5%] felt the nature reserve is important to the village [Q35] this fits with other questions in the survey and shows how important rural aspects are.

Both the playing field and children's play area received  high percentage approval 80% and 88% respectively along with the village fete 85%

leisure recreation

Issues raised

  • With the vast majority of  residents considering the nature reserve important to the village  there  seems little call to change anything, and the Parish Council should continue with its management plan as written.
  • The  children's play area is popular with both children and parents  and is part of a rolling program to  maintain and renew play equipment.
  • The Parish Council should  maintain it’s current level of commitment to village amenities but be aware of the continual change in village life and the facilities desired.
  • Allotments and a village orchard would both enhance village life.
  • A youth club had more support from adults than children.

What next?

Parish Council Aims;

  • Continue with it’s present commitment to the nature reserve
  • Investigate and support the establishment of a village orchard and allotments
  • Continue with it’s present rolling program for replacement of play equipment
  • Investigate the establishment of a youth club
  • Support as wide a use of the playing field as possible

What could you do ?

  • Support a local organisation