While most respondents were happy with the mobile library service 334 agree/strongly agree and 16 disagree/strongly disagree with 277 no opinion. [Q48]

[Q49] Respondents were split on the availability of doctors and health care in the village. 262 thought it was good, and 209 didn't. 143 had no opinion. Of course, Gosfield has no medical facilities of it’s own but is well served by the Elizabeth  Courtauld surgery in Halstead. This is a fully equipped health centre with a practice population of 16000 and good facilities. Doctors will make home visits during the working day when a patient is unable to attend the surgery in an emergency.

[Q50 & 52] Of those respondents expressing an opinion the majority were happy with the service provided by the Parish Council,[403] and 69 unhappy with the service provided, a high number of respondents expressing no opinion [140]suggests a lack of awareness of the Parish Councils activities. There is significant support for a Parish Council office in the Village. This could be an excellent way to raise the council’s profile within the village and encourage wider involvement.

Lastly, very few people [12] seemed to feel that the village wasn’t very lucky to enjoy the benevolence of the Rowson Trust! 501 with 443 of these strongly agreeing. 117 no opinion.

Issues raised

The mobile library received a high no opinion response [277] was this because of lack of awareness of the service or those unavailable/ no interest in making use of its services.
The availability of doctors and health care was a very split result. Could the question have been worded better? Or do many people feel let down by the health profession.
140 people had no opinion on the service provided by the Parish Council, 20% or one in five. The Parish Council should sit down and think about this.
With most people whole heartedly supporting the Rowson Trust 117 had no opinion. So once again is a bit of publicity, self promotion required ?

What Next?

Parish Council Aims;

  • Advertise the Mobile Library as widely as possible
  • Seek further opinion on the availability of health care provision
  • The Parish Council to promote itself and the service it provides
  • Consult with the Rowson Trust* in establishing a public register of all grants awarded

*The Rowson Trust has had a name change to “ The Rowson Perpetual Memorial Fund”

What could you do?

  • Attend Parish Council meetings
  • Volunteer to serve on sub committees of the Parish Council
  • Use the Mobile Library