The village questionnaire was completed by 364 households (six hundred and forty five residents). Though not all of them completed the Transport section, of those who did, four hundred and nineteen (68%) agreed that Gosfield has good transport links. One hundred and seventeen (19%) did not agree and seventy four (12%) had no opinion.

Two hundred and twelve people travelled to work or study; of these, one hundred and ninety one (90%) drove themselves by car or van. Of the remainder, seven walked, nine went by train, three used a motorcycle, one cycled six went by bus, one by air and two travelled by tube. Of these, seventeen used dual transport e.g. car and train.

Of the eighty four who commented in the transport section most were very happy with the bus service, although the loss of the 352 service has upset many people. (36% commented on this). The 21 service which replaced the 352 to Braintree takes a longer route, hence it takes longer to get to Braintree and more importantly doesn’t go to Broomfield Hospital. The journey from Braintree to Chelmsford was replaced by the 70 (Colchester to Chelmsford) which means a delay when changing buses at Braintree bus park.

Question 47 Strongly Agree Agree Disagree Strongly Disagree No Opinion
Gosfield has good transport links 291 128 50 67 74


Five people wanted a bus from Yeldham to Braintree direct (not going via Halstead). Sixth formers from Hedingham School and pupils staying for after school activities have to go home via Halstead (The school bus goes direct).

Three people were unaware of the community car service.

Several people commented that the Sudbury bus is not well used. Perhaps this could benefit from more publicity?

Or should it be replaced with a more useful service?

The issues raised

The most noticeable comments were the loss of the 352 to Broomfield Hospital and the lack of direct service from Hedingham to Gosfield, mainly for schoolchildren.

Although it was agreed we have a good bus service, very few people use it to get to work.

Should the Parish Council approach the bus company and Essex County Council to see if there is any possibility of increasing the 352 service?

What Next?

Parish Council Aims;

  • Liaise fully with the parish council transport representative and fully publicise his reports.
  • Have a fact sheet on the community car
  • Promote car sharing
  • Promote public transport

What could you do?

  • Be a volunteer driver
  • Offer your neighbour a lift
  • Use public transport
  • Establish a car pool