Village Environment

into the reserve

The Results

When asked if you would like a sustainability policy in Gosfield [Q53] 376 agreed and 156 had no opinion with 29 disagreeing.A number of written answers suggests this question was too open-ended.                                     

525 people thought the village is generally kept quite free of litter and 94 disagreed with 5 people having no opinion.

Preserving the quality of the countryside of Gosfield got one of the highest positive responses with 98.88% 622 agreeing of which 599 strongly agreeing, only 2 disagreed with 5 no opinion [Q55]

517 people thought shopping facilities in the village could be improved  72 disagreed with 32 no opinion  [Q56]

90% thought footpaths and country walks round Gosfield adequate, but 58% agreed more information is needed for walkers to Gosfield [Q57 & 58]

424 people [68%] were satisfied with the recycling facilities in the village, 142 disagree / strongly disagree with 57 no opinion  [Q59]

The majority were content with the provision of litter and dog waste bins in the village but 24% disagreed [Q60 & 61]

The public toilets at the Playing Field were thought by the vast majority to be an asset to the village by 491 [79%] with only 2.5% disagreeing, 114 had no opinion [18.5%] [Q62]

74% agreed with the statement “I would like to see the Spinney/Centre of the village improved visually”  453 agreeing and 57 disagreeing with 103 having no opinion [Q63]

Q64 “Street lights should be switched off during the early hours to conserve energy”,  360 for, 244 against with 37 no opinion

Q65 “ I have reception problems with my”

Radio                184 Agreed
TV                       234 Agreed
Broadband       249 Agreed
Mobile Phone  371 Agreed

The issues raised

With almost 99% expressing the opinion that preserving the quality of the countryside of Gosfield is important, shows the very nature of village life is important.

Quite a number thought shopping facilities in the village could be improved.

74% would like to see the Spinney/ centre of the village improved visually.

Whether  to switch off  street lights during the early hours certainly got people talking, with the majority 56%  in favour 38% disagreed.

50% of respondents expressing  a problem with TV reception is a surprisingly high figure.

Broadband  will remain poor until  fibre optic is in the village to increase speeds.

With a high number of mobile phone users having poor reception the answer would be more phone masts which could be controversial.

What next?

Parish Council Aims;

  • All future policy should have regard to preserving the quality of the countryside of Gosfield
  • Support visual improvements to the centre  of the village
  • Investigate options for reducing energy used to light pavements.
  • Support the desire for broadband fibre optic in the village
  • Investigate poor TV  & mobile phone reception problems
  • Develop & promote a sustainability policy
  • Publish an easy to read footpath map

What could you do?

  • Support the Broadband project
  • Pick up litter
  • Support local shop[s] & businesses
  • Form a walkers group