What Next?


Thank you for reading this Plan, but most of all, thanks go to those who took the trouble to fill in the long questionnaire. As you can see it has produced some interesting results.

The people of Gosfield Parish are happy to live here. They appreciate the rural nature and relative peace of the area and are anxious to preserve this

They have a strong sense of community and are proud of the way people work together.

It is natural to resist change, but passing time produces change and it seems to creep up insidiously. Are things as they were ten or twenty years ago?- of course not.

The questionnaire responses have revealed issues, which need attention large and small. The success of the Parish Council’s attempts will rely on many things, mainly access to funding, Working with organisations and individuals in the village and the cooperation of outside agencies. Some things will take longer than others to remedy, some will happen speedily, some might never happen. But the Parish Council will do its best.

Look at the Action Plans: as this is envisaged as a ten year plan. The Parish Council will review the Action Plans annually when drawing up the budget and setting the precept. It will then publish a progress so far report and make any necessary adjustments. A more thorough review will take place after five years.

The Gosfield Parish Plan is just the start of what can be done to ensure that Gosfield parish preserves what is good and thrives in the future. If the whole community works together to achieve as many of the aims as is possible, things can happen. After all, it is your Village and you can help too!