The results of the survey

Before assembling the youth questionnaire, at the 2009 Village Fete all under 18 years of age were asked  their opinion on Gosfield as a place to live and suggestions for improvements. This was followed with a drop in event in the Village Hall where again opinions were sought.

The youth survey was completed by 34 youths in the 11-17 age range and only one disagreed with the statement “I am satisfied with Gosfield as a place to live” [Q3] and two disagreed with the statement “I enjoy the rural aspects of Gosfield” [Q15] The strength of feeling was highlighted by no expression of “no opinion” to either question.

Q4 “I generally know what is going on in the village” - 19 agreed/strongly agreed & 15 disagreed/strongly disagreed.

Q5 “The sports clubs are inviting” - 7 agreed/ strongly agreed & 17 disagreed/ strongly disagreed.With 11 strongly disagreeing it was the second highest and 10 no opinion the highest.

Q6 “The skate ramp is adequate” - 20 agreed/ strongly agreed &  6 disagreed/ strongly disagreed with 6 no opinion.

Q7 “The children's play area is great” - 26 agreed/ strongly agreed & 6 disagreed/ strongly disagreed with 2 no opinion.

Q8 “I would like a youth club" - 22 agreed / strongly agreed & 6 disagreed/ strongly disagreed with 6 no opinion.

Q9 “I would like a youth shelter” - 16 agreed/ strongly agreed & 8 disagreed/ strongly disagreed with 9 no opinion.

Q10 “I would like a dirt track [BMX]” - 19 agreed/ strongly agreed & 6 strongly disagreed with 9 no opinion.

Q11 "I would like to see the playing field used for sports other than football and Cricket” - 23 agreed/ strongly agreed & 4 strongly disagreed with 7 no opinion.

Q12 “I would like a basketball / netball hoop” 33 agreed / strongly agreed & 2 disagreed / strongly disagreed. The highest strongly agree in the youth survey with 25.

Q13 “I feel I am Ignored in this village” - 9 agreed / strongly agreed & 20 disagreed / strongly disagreed, the highest strongly disagree in the youth survey with 18 and 5 no opinion.

Q14 “I enjoy the nature reserve” 28 agreed / strongly agreed & 2 disagreed With 4 no opinion.

Q16 "I would like to see a youth council or representative to advise the Parish Council” - 23 agree / strongly agree  & 5 disagree / strongly disagree with 6 no opinion.

Q17 “I feel isolated in Gosfield with no access to other facilities”  14 agree / strongly agree & 17 disagree / strongly disagree with 3 no opinion.

Issues raised

The vast majority appreciate the rural nature and are satisfied with Gosfield as a place to live.

During the consolation process comments were made about feeling ignored and feeling isolated, but in the survey these views  got the highest strongly disagree response.

There was some opinion the playing field could  accommodate other sports than football & cricket with existing clubs uninviting, it was pointed out not one sporting activity existed for girls.

The children's play area & skate ramp were enjoyed and the most popular idea being  a basketball/ netball hoop.

It wasn't overwhelming that people felt informed, perhaps more advertising directed at the youth with the sports clubs joining in would benefit both.
The idea of a youth club had moderate support and this could easily happen with volunteers.

While only 34 responded there is only a small section of the village in this age group. That is not to say they should be ignored, on the contrary  it is important  that children have the opportunity to grow in a safe environment  that allows and encourages their development. What facilities are provided today will serve more than the present generation.

What next ?

Parish Council Aims;

  • Maintain all facilities and where possible extend and improve them.
  • Work with all to investigate the setting up of as many activities as possible.
  • Send a full report of the findings in the form of a news letter to all under 18 in the village and sports clubs.
  • Investigate and promote the setting up of a youth club.
  • Consider some form of youth representation on the Parish Council

What can you do ?

  • Could you take an activity group ?
  • Would your recreational activity / sports group help ?